Many women wonder which method, app or calculation is actually the best choice to get pregnant as soon as possible? Now you get the answer!

What are the options to get pregnant faster?

There are many ways to get pregnant, but to get pregnant really FAST, there are not so many ways. One of the crucial factors for getting pregnant quickly is the right timing. That’s the only thing you can regulate yourself very well. Of course you can also increase your natural fertility by optimizing your diet and reducing your environmental toxins.

According to a study on this subject, you have a really increased chance of getting pregnant faster if you know exactly when your ovulation is and observe your cycle correctly. In this study, 81% of women became pregnant within 6 months after determining their fertile days with symptothermal method or NFP (Natural Family Planning). In comparison, without a method it was only 60%. There was also an extra study on a pregnancy rate in which only women who had limited fertility or had a less than optimal sperm count participated. And in this study, for example, it came out that women who learned the NFP method correctly in coaching have a relatively high probability of becoming pregnant naturally. I found that extremely remarkable.

However, it quickly becomes clear why it works. After all, NFP is more than a determination of the fertile days – NFP is also an instrument for cycle diagnostics. Mucus and basal body temperature are observed over the course of the cycle. The cervical mucus is a marker for estrogen and the basal temperature for progesterone.

Estrogen and progesterone are the most important control hormones that control the female cycle in the ovary. Consequently, I can also see a relative hormone level of the important control hormones from a temperature curve and the course of the mucus. In this way, it is possible to determine without any doubt whether ovulation has taken place and how long the cycle phase before and after ovulation is. It is also possible to narrow down the causes of the unfulfilled desire to have children and, for example, to identify indications of ovarian insufficiency or weakness of the yellow body from the cycle curve or to exclude them with a high probability. In the study, the women worked together with fertility counsellors and were thus able to identify the causes of the unfulfilled desire to have a child on the basis of the cycle curve. Subsequently, e.g. yellow body weakness could be treated medically and the women naturally became pregnant.

I myself am the proof that this can work. I finally recognized my yellow body weakness with NFP and treated it successfully. I am sure that the successful diagnosis of my yellow body weakness by means of cycle diagnosis was, among other things, an important key to my now two dream children. If you would also like to benefit from the NFP knowledge, I recommend my Kinderwunsch Starter Set. There I will explain to you what you need to start NFP immediately.

Which app or method is best suited to become pregnant?

Many now think that they could find out the fertile days or their ovulation with a cycle computer, an app or with hormone rods that can test the LH in the urine. Unfortunately, there are only a few studies available to assess the effectiveness and quality of these methods. In a study conducted by Stiftung Warentest, the apps failed in large numbers and were mostly rated as inadequate. With the exception of the Clearblue Fertility Monitor, which is very expensive to operate, the cycle computers do not have a pregnancy rate study. The LH tests have hardly been scientifically tested.

Effectiveness of many methods for determining fertile days not proven

So it has to be clearly stated that it is not sure whether you can really get pregnant faster with a cycle computer, an app, a hormone test or a bracelet etc.. There is currently only one scientifically proven method that has proven in several studies that it can increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally.

The NFP method is the best method to become pregnant naturally

The NFP method is based on body observation of cervical mucus and basal body temperature and historically goes back to the cervical mucus method and basal body temperature method. She has shown in studies that it can be used to determine the fertile days, limit ovulation and increase the chances of becoming pregnant.

No cycle computer in the world can determine the fertile days as accurately as NFP, because the body unfortunately does not know the individual disturbance factors – only the woman herself can find out. A computer is only as clever as the person sitting in front of it – you’ve probably heard this quote before. And it’s exactly the same with a cycle computer. I have explained the reasons for this in detail in my article “Are cycle computers really smarter than NFP users”.

The number of products used to determine the fertile days has risen sharply, so that you can quickly lose track of things. For the consumers I would like to list here simple questions, which help you to recognize the true quality.

Are there any scientific studies on this device, method or app with pregnancy rate to prove its effectiveness?

Are the ovulation signs cervical mucus & basal body temperature used to limit the fertile days in the cycle?

Are there any real people on YouTube who are NOT influencers and have been sponsored with devices that honestly and credibly tell about their child desire story?

Actually only NFP remains. The studies with pregnancy rate can show the fewest cycle computers, apps and others. Pay attention above all to the pregnancy rate, because a clinical study does not mean still for a long time that thereby also the effectiveness with the pregnancy rate was examined. It is also important that the most important signs of ovulation such as cervical mucus and basal body temperature, which are clearly scientifically related to ovulation, are always observed.

It is also known that companies with influence approach influencers and advertise. However, it is something completely different when independent women with few followers talk about their experiences. Here you can find NFP like Thasima, for example, who despite PCOS became pregnant thanks to NFP. With under 1000 followers on Youtube she is not an influencer and JA she bought her basal thermometer and everything else herself. You won’t find such a thing with cycle computers in the fertility area – you can imagine why.

What do I have to do to use the symptothermal method?

Basically, you only need three things to use NFP safely. First, a basal thermometer with 2 decimal places suitable for NFP use. Second, a cycle sheet or an app where you can record the ovulation signs observed such as cervical mucus and basal body temperature. Finally, you will need a book in which you can read how to rightly observe cervical mucus, measure basal temperature, and determine the fertile days after NFP rains.

Are you over 35 years old or have you been trying to get pregnant for a long time in vain? In this case I can recommend you to do the cycle diagnostics. On the one hand, from the age of 35+ there are more cycle peculiarities that can make pregnancy more difficult. With the help of cycle diagnostics, you can identify and limit these and possibly treat them together with your doctor. On the other hand, even in women under 35 years of age, it may be possible to identify special features of the cycle that stand in the way of pregnancy.

Conclusion: Symptothermal method is the best choice to get pregnant quickly.

Finally, it must be said quite clearly that the symptothermal method (NFP) is in my opinion the best method to become naturally pregnant. It has been extensively scientifically tested and is feasible for every woman regardless of her income. Thanks to the development of ever better basal thermometers and corresponding NFP cycle apps, everyday use is becoming easier and more practicable.

The symptothermal method (NFP) also makes the desire to have children an experience, because the invisible events in the woman’s body, such as ovulation, are made visible to every woman. In NFP courses I have experienced many women who could see their ovulation for the first time in their cycle. This is especially the case when the doctor has said that she has no ovulation at all and therefore cannot become pregnant. Likewise, every woman who has become pregnant with NFP will regard her pregnancy cycle as something very special.

Many women with an unfulfilled desire to have children feel helpless because their happiness seems to depend on the skills of their doctors. With NFP, these women move from passive powerlessness to an active, creative role. The observation of the ovulation signs also leads to a better body feeling and relationship to one’s own body. Many women tell me that this better body feeling also helped them to trust their body better during pregnancy and childbirth. In this sense I can only encourage you to try NFP once. I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart on your way to your dream child!